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Navrung Expressions is Happy to announce “Navrung Healing Institute”, recognized by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Get Certified in Reflexology, Sujok Acupressure, and Aromatherapy. Many more courses and Classes are offered here.
Join our Open House on Wednesday, July 13th by registering your presence by filling out the form below.
Classes start July 18th – Enroll at the open house to get a 20% discount on your Tuition Fees and we will waive the Application Fees. More details will be found on our website
Note:- International students, please contact me directly if interested to join Courses on my Whatsapp#8479971173 for details)
Now Meditation Classes can be attended by paying per day.
Heal your Chronic and Acute ailments- Book your appointment today
Let your body detoxify naturally and heal. Make it a routine. Come biweekly, monthly or quarterly for Therapeutic reflexology.