Below are testimonials that our clients have said about Navrung and Smita.  Please take the time to see what people are saying about us!

I just had my first reflexology / acupressure session with Smita. She is fabulous! Everything was wonderful, from the super comfortable massage table to the special cotton blanket from India to her amazing treatment. I felt pampered and super relaxed during the session and rejuvenated afterward. Thank you, Smita!


I have had the pleasure of working with Smita Shah for a few months now. Smita Shah is an exceptional teacher. She gives me individual attention to ensure I am doing all the exercises correctly. Smita Shah is really good at getting me in the “yoga zone.” She is very knowledgeable in so many areas; stress management, yoga, meditation, and reflexology. I would recommend everyone see Smita Shah. I am so grateful to have her in my life. My teenage daughter has also began sessions, and loves it! She has helped both myself and my daughter in many. many ways. Truly an amazing person to work with!

Chirag Shah

Thank you Smita for the advise and treatment. It really helped with my anxiety and better my overall health. I will definitely continue with more sessions.

Jennifer B

I am so glad I found Smita and Navrung /Su-Jok/reflexology/acupressure.. where do I begin… Three months ago I started seeing Smita once every two weeks. She is amazing at providing Holistic treatments of all sorts.

Let me share some background before I go any further. I had been going to Chiropractors for over 15 years. I had tried different offices. Each brought something different but none provided real correction. They could take me to a certain point then progress would just stop.

I started a routine massage program once a month to help my muscles to be able to hold my corrections. Thinking this might help move things forward. The massages were great but still no real progress that lasted more than a week.

I work a lot on computers and I saw a specialist for my arms that kept going numb in my sleep. I was told due to my poor posture I would have to live with the pain and correct my posture or it would be permanent. For me it was VERY hard to sit up straight. I didn’t realize why until Smita unlocked some key factors for me. I had even bought a shoulder brace to help me sit up straight. If you can’t “just sit up straight” call Smita today. It should not hurt to sit up straight. Who knew… Not me I thought the pain was normal. My ribs hurt and it was hard for me to breathe when I tried to hold the posture. Not anymore. I can do it because the pain is gone…The pain I did not know “I had” that I thought was just the NORMAL pain of this process.

Speaking of normal if you get at least 8 hours of sleep and are still waking up tired make your appointment today. This doesn’t have to be your normal. You must relax to rest. Otherwise you are not giving your body time to replenish itself while at rest. I now have energy when I wake up and can care about me and what I eat. I am also losing weight thanks to a real restful night sleep.

Save yourself time and money and learn from my mistakes. We are much deeper than flesh and bones. If your inner workings are not happy and working like intended then nothing else can.

After my session I kept a log to see what was going on if anything. In less than 2 weeks my arms were no longer numb and I did not need the brace. My hot flashes were once in a blue moon no longer nightly. I felt a lot of tight and tingly mussels as I could feel my body adjusting and opening to a relaxed state. Were some days painful? Yes! It did however lead me to a MUCH BETTER place and keeps moving me forward.

I had had a sharp pain in the left side of my stomach ever since I was pregnant with my daughter and within two appointments Smita had gotten rid of the pain I thought was just part of life. She got my organs back into their rightful locations with a few very precise and focused moves. It has now been 5 weeks and the pain has not returned and I don’t think it ever will. I feel great!

If you want to feel better and take control of your future call Smita now. She can help you from the inside. If you feel like nothing you do works change your mind. Say this will work. I am ready to do the work of Relaxing and Listening to my body. Now you can really start living!

Alapana Chaudhry 

Smita and her daughter were exceptional!They went above and beyond for the mendhi for my wedding and Sangeet. At the Sangeet, our guests were very impressed by the beautiful designs they created. The guests couldn’t get enough it. I loved my bridal mendhi!!


By using her Accupressure and Reflexology knowledge, Smita Shah has worked on my shoulders and my back to relieve me of pain. The accupressure and reflexology technique has worked on me and I strongly recommend anyone who does have this kind of pain to give Smita an opportunity to help you. You will be very happy with her services. Her warm compassionate nature adds to this. Asmi


I was introduce to one of your techinques by a friend and co-worker, Saloni Shah, thank you for informing her whom informed me, and now i can smell!!! 🙂 Keep up the great work.


Great service at affordable prices .. what more can I ask for ! Thanks for your therapy session . Will be back soon.


Dear Saloni,

It was such a delight to meet you.

I was impressed not only by the beautiful mehendi that you did but also by all the other things you are doing.

But most of all, your sweet nature and your friendly demeanor and the patience with which you sat through the evening doing everyone’s hands was really a blessing for the occasion.
I was also really impressed by your sincerity and integrity in your work and I know that it will take you far in life.

Trying to do the right thing will never fail to bring you success and happiness at the end of the day.


Thank you so much for sending Saloni to do the mehendi.

She did a fantastic job with the mehendi and brought a wonderful, positive energy to the evening.
I also appreciate your excellent service.

Your communications, responses and follow up were excellent and I appreciate that more than anything else.

Thanks to both of you once again.

And good luck to both of you in all your endeavors.


The best services accompanied with the fabulous website!!

“I rate her services with smile, her deep knowledge of the subject, her patience to understand clients’ needs and her integrity with the grade of A++ based on the following experience.

I was prescribed the knee therapy by my orthopedic surgeon when my ACL was torn during my photo shoot on top of Grand Canyon a year ago. Needless to say that the pain was unbearable. Knee therapy was helpful, however it did require my 100% of input of aggressive exercising.
The post therapy session pain was unbearable restricting me from putting my 100% of efforts. Ms. Smita Shah listened to me patiently and compassionately, understood and felt my pain and prepared a special therapeutic oil to treat the knee pain. She also showed me how and when to apply the oil and how to massage my knee. I started applying the oil prior to and post therapy sessions on my knee pain gently massaging it. To my pleasant surprise, because of this special oil, my knee pain was virtually gone and I was able to be more aggressive in exercising. This resulted in significantly faster recovery.

On occasions, when I need to stay on my feet and do run arounds during my photo shoot events, I apply this oil to prevent any knee pain.

Thank you, Ms. Smita Shah, so much for helping me stay on my feet again!

I wish her all the success in her new endeavour!”

Ryan G 

Smita is the best! I tried out a ten minute massage, and it’s amazing how she pressed on pressure points on my head then my feet relaxed. This is my first time trying a and getting a holistic massage thingy, and I’m really impressed


wonder feeling after the massage. will contact you to come on the south west suburb.

timothy coleman 

Massage was very relaxing, very well done. Thank you

Sagar Patel 

thanks, the hand and head massage was great.

Laura Cruz 

Just had a mini massage & I feel revived!

Thank you so much for providing a much needed service in our hurried lives!

Gus Gates 

Reflexology. Stress management

Archana Sai 


Nice meeting you at the Asian Small Business expo!

Pranitha B 

For beauty make up, hair styling or henna .. Navrung is the way to go ! Excellent service and great value for the money. I had engaged them for my make up and hair styling for my baby shower and I must say that even after several hours (about 5 hours) on a hot and humid evening, it was all intact till the end and I enjoyed the envy of others for looking the best ! Way to go Navrung ..