Navrung Expressions was officially registered in 2013. Smita Shah, the owner and founder of Navrung Expressions has 35+ years of experience in Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Auriculogy, Reflexology, cosmetology, herbal therapies and many more modalities, resulting of her success today. She is also certified Stress Management Consultant. Navrung Expressions now has 2 sides of business. Health and wellness(Navrung Expressions) and Beauty(Hollywood Glam Salon and Spa.

Smita was gifted a book by her father at the age of sixteen when she expressed to him that she wanted to go in a medical field. Her father gifted her a book called “Acupuncture without Needles” by J. V. Cenerey. After this she tried the knowledge occasionally and was admired for the healing they felt. She was also successful in helping a man successfully reduce medication he took on daily basis. Doctors had prescribed this man with multiple anti-depressant and ended up taking 22 tablets a day at the young age of 22. By treating him regularly for a whole year, Smita was able to cut down his medication to 2 tablets a day and gradually to 1.

Smita believes in Drugless healing, where you need not stop medications unless you are healed and your conventional doctor advices you to do so. Smita specializes in nerve treatments, by stimulating blood circulation in the area blocked, helping Sciatica, frozen shoulders, plantar fasciitis, depression and many more ailments. Stress is the main cause of all diseases. If we learn to manage stress and know our body, we may be able to live a healthier and happier life. Smita also conducts Yog-Meditation classes for Adults and kids. Smita believes that everyone she treats must also know why she is treating the points. She believes when her clients are educated, they understand better why and how to take care of themselves and their body.

The Hollywood Glam Salon and Spa is handled by Bhakti Shah, who is a certified Nail technician and Esthetician.

Welcome to our Wellness Center

Navrung offers discounted treatments and Bridal/party packages, free consultation and likes to always keep their clients educated with the treatments provided.