Strenghten your Kidneys with Kidney beans

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It is important to take care of our Kidney. Our Kidneys are situated in the abdominal cavity on both the sides of our vertebral column. Thoracic 12(T12) and Lumbar 3(L3). Left kidney is slightly up than the right Kidney. In both Kidney flow 1200 ml. blood/min. meaning 540 ml blood cells and 660 ml plasma. In a 70kg human body weight (approx. 154lbs.), consists 45 liters of water and the water present in the body is filtered 4 times a day. After filtration reabsorption is very important. There is so much more to understand about this wonder organ that is so vital.

Apply Kidney beans at least one week per month if you are staying sick on and off. Or if you have diabetes. See how it helps and give me your feedback