Su-Jok Acupressure is a Physical and metaphysical, Natural Therapy of healing without drugs.

Acupressure is a 5,000-year-old massage technique used in Chinese medicine. Though it is related to acupuncture, which involves the use of needles, Su-Jok acupressure only requires a skilled pair of hands.

Pressure is applied at points that correspond to various body parts with the intention of eliminating blockages to reduce pain or disease. The Chinese Medicine Acupressure Ring “ACU-RING” has been designed for an intense yet safe stimulation of the fingers. These points, sometimes referred to as potent points, lie along paths of energy in the body called meridians. The goal is to bring the body into balance and to remove blockages of energy along the meridians.

This alternate therapy was evolved by South Korean scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo, who named it SU-JOK. This therapy when compared to another method of alternate treatment, it is the best self-care method known to man today.

The high effectiveness & simplicity of Sujok therapy are spreading in various countries among therapists & patients. Sujok is a method that matches the classical science of the West to the knowledge accumulated by oriental medicine from ancient times.

This therapy at its most basic employs acupressure, The effect of employing simple acupressure stimulation to treat various health problems on the corresponding points/areas on either the hands or feet has forward to giving a very highly effective form of treatment & sometimes complex ailments & long-standing disorders and the need to resort to acupuncture by doesn’t arise.

The name SUJOK  “SU” in the Korean language means the hand and “JOK” means foot. The most astonishing aspect of this therapy is its simplicity. Anybody who desires to learn the basics of sujok therapy can do so by Joining the level 1 Class offered frequently during the year. Click here to join

Su Jok therapy does not rule out traditional medical help, especially when medication is required. However, proper and timely use of Su Jok techniques before the arrival of a doctor can many times save human lives.