Beginning of my Journey

Hello friends,

Let me tell you why Alternate healing is my passion.  I grew up seeing my mom suffering after a major accident. Her survival was just a miracle. At that age, I was inspired by the Doctor who operated on her and saved her.  His name was Dr. B. R. Shah (now Late).  I always thought I should be a doctor who can save a life and bring happiness in many children’s life, like Dr, Shah brought in our lives. Of course as I grew up and the time came to choose my carrier, my circumstances did not allow me to go to Medical school, being the eldest of all. My father strictly told me that if I chose to be a doctor, there will be no one to take care of the family and my mother.  This also gave me an opportunity to spend more time with mom especially when we could not afford her meds after the critical time had passed. My mom spoke a lot about remedies from the kitchen. She also would talk about the side effects she faced due to medicines she was taking. Her Holistic approach also brought me closer to faith and belief in prayers.

Then, one day, my father handed me a book called “Acupuncture without Needles”. This book changed my life.  There are more details in About US.  out of many other experiences, the most memorable was at the age of 16, when we were hiking with family in Matheran(India). While hiking there were other families too and a boy sprained his leg.  We were almost 1/4 mile away from the top.  Suddenly my dad told all that my daughter knows acupressure and she can help. I was in a shock. I heard him come close to me and say, “I bought you a Acupuncture with out needles, book to study. You wanted to be a doctor. Now I am sure you read and learned from the book.”  Standing in a shock for a while, I recollected all I had read and to my amaze, I was able to use gentle pressure on GB40 and in few minutes he was able to climb the rest of his way up. Everyone praised me till the next day. This brought a new hope and motivation to learn more about Alternate healing techniques.