10:00 AM- Reflexology class for Couples

August 19, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Hollywood Glam Salon and Spa
269 S Roselle Road
IL. 60193
Smita Shah
(847) 997-1173

Reflexology has a “rich history”. According to many, it dates back to Ancient Egypt or China. The theory behind reflexology can be simply stated as the principle of a reflex-action. When pressure or stimulation is applied to a one point area a message is sent from that point to the brain which in return produces an endorphin release, creating a “cause and effect” response. Many of our health problems can be linked to stress. Reflexology is mainly a relaxation technique.  Reflexology gently  improve lymphatic drainage and our circulation, stimulating the nerve pathways, and muscle relaxation, helping the body to balance itself.

Most of our relationships are effected also due to health.  husband-wife, brother sister, parents and children, each relation is bonded strongly more when each other are able to help the other to feel better, relaxed and stress free. Mentioned above, mainly stress becomes the cause of many health issues. And many health issues can strain relationships. When spouses, friends and family help each other to stay healthy, the quality of life improves which improves your relationships and takes it to a different level.

Come  let’s do it together  and learn how to help each other by attending this Couples Reflexology class. Reserve your spot today. Strictly by appointment. 1 couple per class