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Reflexology has a "rich history".  According to many, it dates back to Ancient Egypt or China

What is Reflexology?

According to Mosby's Medical Dictionary 8th edition page 1594 second column.. Reflexology - a body work technique that uses reflex points on the hands and feet. Pressure is applied at points that correspond to various body parts with the intention of eliminating blockages to produce pain or disease. The goal is to bring the body into balance.

 In years past reflexology was called:

* reflex-o-therapy* zone therapy* meridian therapy etc.

The theory behind reflexology can be simply stated as the principle of a "reflex-arc".  When pressure or stimulation is applied to a reflex point area a message is sent from that point or area to the brain which in turn produces an endorphin release, thus a "cause and effect" response.

Please Note: Reflexology is not intended to replace standard medical treatment. It is advised that you check with your Medical Advisor before starting any new treatment(s).

Reflexology is a part of acupressure-Acupuncture without needles.  Below are few tips on Acupressure.